Monkey Breading Around

I woke up at 5:30 AM yesterday morning for some ungodly reason. As I lay in bed pondering what to do about this, I thought, bakers get up before this hour every day – so why not bake? My younger stepsisters were heading to camp around noon, so I made a Monkey Bubble Bread from my non-vintage Achilles heel cookbook – Baked Explorations.

The recipe for this fabulous breakfast treat (which is kind of like a mass of packed-together, inside-out cinnamon rolls) is already online elsewhere, so I’m not going to reproduce it here. Instead, I’ve got a kind of step-by-step photo journal. I kind of love how the light gets better and better as you scroll down…



5:30. Start time


Dissolving yeast in milk


Mixing dry ingredients


The recipe takes one egg...


...lightly beaten


Adding milk and yeast to flour and sugar


Melting butter...


...and pouring it in


Dough hooks make life easy


Before the first rise


And after


And then after punching down


Dough cut into bubble-size pieces


Bubbles wrapped against drying


First bubble layer


Bubbles are dipped in butter...


...then rolled in cinnamon and brown sugar...


...then pressed into the pan...


...until they're all smushed in


This oven makes my life easy


7:20. Start proofing


Old school. Damp towels only.


8:00. End of proof


Bubbles are puffy


And now they're baked


And delicious


And being eaten




The End