Sunday Tips: Preparing for Autumn

“In September and October the household returns to normal after the holidays. Apples and pears will be gathered and stored carefully, winter clothes and bedding got out, summer things washed and put away. This is the time for lagging of pipes and draughtproofing of windows and generally making the house snug for the winter.” – Mrs. Beeton

Two things about this passage struck me: 1) the concern for energy efficiency, 2) the idea of changing your household routine with the seasons.  I live in a New York apartment with zero storage and spend all winter beset by overheated radiators and huge drafty windows.  I tend to try to transition my wardrobe and bedding between seasons by layering, and there’s not much I can do about the windows and heating without calling my super.  Perhaps, though, I’ll try my hand in the coming weeks at some easily storageable apple byproducts.  Mrs. Beeton has assorted recipes for pickles, hard cider, and homemade wine