Oscars: “Christian Ale in ‘The Cider'” and “Zuckerburgers” (Snakebites – Half Cider/Half Ale, and Sliders with Chipotle Mayo)

Last entry! Got it in before the red carpet show! And these were the tough-to-pun-on films too…I bring you: Zuckerburgers:

These sliders are on sourdough baguette; I seared them about 4 minutes on a side, and topped them with a little cilantro, and a chipotle mayo (1 chopped-up chipotle in adobo/2 tablespoons mayo).

And, for “The Fighter” I put together a drink called a Snakebite – I think the name is a little boxer-y – and it’s made of half cider and half beer. So…I used trappist ale to create “Christian Ale in ‘The Cider.'”

And now…enjoy the awards show! And let me know in the comments what your vote is for “Best Dish.”