In a Pickle: Pickled Grapes

I love pickled cucumbers: I’m a little ashamed that, like Snooki, I’ll often stand my tiny self (only part Guidette, sadly) in front of the fridge and just eat pickles out of the jar. Thankfully, I’m a little less orange and a little less be-pouffed. And I’m a little more adventurous: I just branched out from classic pickled cucumbers to try pickled grapes.

Don’t they look like something from a curio cabinet? I love it. There are tons and tons of canning recipes I want try from my collection – this one, for “Amelia’s Pickled Grapes” from The Best of Shaker Cooking happened to catch my eye this week. Amelia, by the way, was apparently from North Union Shaker Village in Ohio. Here’s her recipe:

Amelia’s Pickled Grapes (Makes 6-8 pints)
16 c. stemmed half-ripe grapes
8 c. brown sugar
2 q. wine vinegar
1/2 c. each cloves, whole allspice, and cinnamon stick pieces

Sterilize the jars by boiling them for 5 minutes. While boiling, make a syrup of the sugar, vinegar, and spices. Place the grapes inside the jars, pour the syrup over, and seal by immersing in boiling water for 20 minutes. See this post for more detailed discussion of canning and sealing jars.

In making this, I used ripe but crisp grapes. I also wound up with red wine vinegar, since the store didn’t have white today…check back next week to see how this all turns out!

Update: Check out the delicious results of the grape pickling here!