Marble Cake with Strawberry Sauce

My birthday was yesterday, so I guess this is technically a post-birthday cake. I whipped it up for brunch this morning for myself, the friend whose house I’m crashing at, and a couple of law school friends in the area. Baking this marble cake took my mind off the splitting headache I woke up with post-celebration. Ah, cruel eld; I am definitely not as resilient at 27 as I was in college.


Triple Berry Kuchen

I’m about to head down to New York for the weekend. I’m pretty excited to see friends and relatives, and to get together with the Best Book Club Ever for afternoon tea and discussion of Patti Smith’s Just Kids. Because I’m traveling by bus, I can’t bring this berry kuchen.


Lemon-Lavender Tea Bread and Stress Baking

You may have noticed a trend in my posts over the last couple of weeks – my oven has been getting quite a workout. It’s that time of year: stress baking time. The latest attempt to calm my nerves about law school finals yielded a seriously delicious lavender-lemon tea bread.


Blackberry Batter Pudding

I have been remiss: I’ve neglected to introduce you to one of the books I acquired this Christmas: A Concise Encyclopedia of Gastronomy (originally published 1952) by famous English wine merchant Andre L. Simon. Apologies for the omission; I hope a slice of blackberry cake will set things right.


Act V: Almond-Olive Oil Cake with Sweet Wine Syrup

Friends, bloggers, countrymen…we have reached the last of the Roman posts (for this series, at least). Thank you all for bearing with me, and for leaving such wonderful encouraging comments throughout this pet project of mine. We go out on a sweet note…

Dulcia piperata: . . . mittis mel, merum, passum, rutam. eo mittis nucleos, nuces, alicam elixatam. concisas nuces avellanas tostas adicies, et inferes.
– Apicius, De Re Coquinaria VII.xi.4

Translation: Add in honey, wine, raisin wine, and rue. Mix into this pine nuts, nuts, and boiled cracked wheat. Add chopped toasted hazelnut and serve.


Fondant Fun: Modern Art Cupcakes

Some of my lady friends and I decided to have a Crafternoon this past weekend – well, to be truthful, it actually wasn’t originally all-female: our hostess’s husband was going to make cocktails as his “craft,” but he got scared off by the stitching & bitching.

Anyway, I went nuts all week trying to figure out which half-abandoned sewing/knitting project to resurrect for this occasion (I have a drawerful). Then it hit me: why not play to my strong suit and stick with cake? I had a birthday to go to bake for evening, and I needed an occasion to practice working with fondant, so…Modern Art Cupcakes! Can you guess the artists? Answers after the jump…


Kir Royale Mini Cupcakes

I was wandering around this week contemplating brunch and cupcakes at the same time, and these Kir Royale Cupcakes (champagne cake topped with creme de cassis whipped cream) were the result.